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    UGI Courses Introducing

    What Is Ugi?

    Ugi – U got it. Show it off.

    Ugi is the ultimate 30-minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most fun, challenging, stylish way of becoming functionally fit.

    Ugi is a workout that can go anywhere, and that makes people feel good about their bodies, energy and health.

    Two years of research and development led to the Ugi ball itself, which has the squish of a beanbag, the bounce-back of a stress ball and the beauty of simple design.

    And a lifetime of professional training experience went into creating the Ugi 5 day a week, 30-minute, total functional fitness program. The series of one-minute exercises are efficient enough to change your body completely — from warm up, cardio, strength conditioning, balance to cool down, and flexible enough to be done anywhere — from home, gym, beach to office.

    Fifteen inches in diameter, weighted to meet individual fitness needs, the Ugi ball is so versatile that it works in the smallest of living rooms. And it's so attractively designed, you don't need to put it away when you're done.

    With Ugi you can:

    exercise almost anywhere

    create endless variations of the 30 minute workout

    put two days together to make a one-hour total body workout, three days a week

    cut the intervals down to 30 seconds to get a 15 minute workout

    mix it up endlessly


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